About Me

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find out a little about me but more about my passion for photography. I can honestly say that I am content with who I have become and where I am going. I grew up in a little town called Van Buren located in Northern Maine and as a little girl I was always ready for any kind of action that involved the outdoors. Now being a full time working mom who has somewhat lost herself in the moment has finally realized her bliss. A wonderful husband, two beautiful children, a great group of friends, an amazing family, a job that I can go to every day and leave there every night. I continue to work on recognizing the happiness that already exists in my life instead of always pushing onto the “next best thing”. You can always get a hotter car or a bigger house. You can make more money and work harder…but the bottom line is, have you enjoyed the moments throughout your life…or are you waiting for something? I stopped waiting…..

A few things I've learned on my Photography Journeys!

-Start your day with faith, love and a kiss
-If you're scared to try it, then try it
-There are no short cuts to truly outstanding work
-Have fun!
-Find out 'why' you shoot
-People are more important than things
-If you're completely satisfied with your work, it's time for a new job
-People perform to deadlines. Give yourself a deadline
-Remember where you started and finish what you start
-Shoot what you love. No really, shoot what you love! Create images that speak to your soul
-Video will never replace great photography
-Always have a personal project in mind